Our team at World Congress 2018

Congrats to Levi and Maral on great presentations in Prague!

Maryam Afsari Golshan, Ingrid Spadinger, Golnoosh Samei, Sara Mahdavi. Three-dimensional finite element-based deformation of the prostate boundary in transrectal ultrasound-guided brachytherapy using implanted seeds as control points

Levi Burns, Tony Teke, Tony Popescu, Cheryl Duzenli. Monte Carlo dosimetry of organ doses from a cobalt-60 sweeping-beam total body irradiation technique: a retrospective study

Welcome Amir!

Dr. Amir Pourmoghaddas has joined our team as a medical physics resident. Welcome to Vancouver!

Radiation Oncology Rounds

Congratulations to Youssef Ben Bouchta (Ph.D Candidate) and Dr. Nevin McVicar on two excellent talks last week!

We look forward to two more physics talks during rounds next week, from Dr. Hal Clark (Surrey resident and an alumnus of our group) and Dr. Cheryl Duzenli.

Titles of the presentations:
Nevin: Retreatment VMAT optimization
Youssef: A case for flattening-filter-free VMAT for pediatric RT
Hal: X(-Ray) marks the spot: the search for a parotid gland 'linchpin'
Cheryl: Reducing toxicity in breast radiotherapy by improved breast positioning

Welcome back Crystal!

Welcome back to Crystal Penner, a former student in our group who has returned for her Ph.D studies (supervised by Cheryl Duzenli).

Welcome new students!

We are excited to welcome two new students to our group: Emilie Carpentier (M.Sc student, supervised by Tony Mestrovic) and Maryam Rostamzadeh (Ph.D student, supervised by Alanah Bergman). Welcome to the Vancouver Centre!

COMP Poster Award

Congratulations to Cheryl Duzenli, Joel Beaudry, Richard Lee, and Vince Strgar (and their co-authors outside the department) for winning best poster at COMP in Ottawa last week! Awesome work!

2017 COMP Award Recipients: https://www.comp-ocpm.ca/english/news/2017-award-recipients.htm

Our department at COMP

We are excited that our department will have a strong presence at COMP 2017!

Youssef Ben Bouchta (Ph.D candidate), Maral Golshan (Ph.D candidate), and Tony Mestrovic will be giving oral presentations. There will also be at least four posters present from our department representing exciting work by physicists, students, residents, and physics assistants - be sure to keep an eye out.

Enjoy Ottawa!


Editor's Choice paper

Congratulations to Byron Wilson (Ph.D candidate), Ermias Gete, and Karl Otto! Their recent publication has been honoured as an Editor's Choice article in Medical Physics, a fantastic achievement.

Citation: Wilson B, Otto K, Gete E. A simple and robust trajectory-based stereotactic radiosurgery treatment. Medical Physics 2017; 44 (1): 240-248.

New First-in-Canada Treatment Technology at the BCCA

The BC Cancer Foundation reached $6.5-million in funding, enabling the purchase of a new Vero™ treatment machine. The first of its kind in Canada, Dr. Ross Halperin believes “the VERO™ is an exciting treatment technology that will open the door to research new treatment options for patients with brain, liver, pancreas, kidney and lung cancers."

Congratulations, Dr. McVicar

Congratulations, Nevin, on successfully defending your PhD thesis.

It's titled "Temperature and pH imaging using chemical exchange saturation transfer MRI contrast." It doesn't yet appear to be available, so you might find a recent paper of his ("Quantitative tissue pH measurement during cerebral ischemia using amine and amide concentration-independent detection (AACID) with MRI" [betcha can't say that five times, fast!]) interesting in lieu.



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