Our team at World Congress 2018

Congrats to Levi and Maral on great presentations in Prague!

Maryam Afsari Golshan, Ingrid Spadinger, Golnoosh Samei, Sara Mahdavi. Three-dimensional finite element-based deformation of the prostate boundary in transrectal ultrasound-guided brachytherapy using implanted seeds as control points

Levi Burns, Tony Teke, Tony Popescu, Cheryl Duzenli. Monte Carlo dosimetry of organ doses from a cobalt-60 sweeping-beam total body irradiation technique: a retrospective study

Levi Burns, Scott Young, Joel Beaudry, Bradford Gill, Robin Coope, Cheryl Duzenli. Rapid prototyping for a novel carbon fibre breast support to reduce skin folds during radiotherapy

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